3 Mac TIPS and Tricks that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (macOS features that you didn’t know about)



The first feature I would like to share with you is a feature called stacks. Many people store files on their desktop, which looks like a total mess. This drops me pretty nuts when I have to figure with somebody who has all their files on their desktop. The mac features a way of automatically organizing all of these files in order that you’ll still use your desktop to save lots of your files but it doesn’t must appear as if the complete mess of turning on stacks is easy just two finger tap on an empty a part of your desktop. If you’ve got one or control-click to bring up that secondary menu and choose use stacks and every one of your files on your desktop magically moves into place grouped by kind now if you go down the menu you will see group stacks by and you can actually change how you wish to group your stacks. It immediately cleans up your desktop and you look sane.


the second feature I would like to share is called spaces could be a feature that’s been a component of the mac for a protracted time but you’ll haven’t used it. I use spaces all day on a daily basis constantly with plenty of individuals. I work with such a large amount of programs and windows. Applications open all stacked on top of each other they can not get to that using spaces is that the best thanks to organizing all of these open applications into their own separate space. There are several ways to enable spaces but the simplest way is to swipe up with four fingers on the trackpad which will bring you to a screen where you can manage spaces.

You can also select different windows so it’s a good way to navigate after you do have plenty of windows open within the same space look up across the highest and you may see a desktop one. If you do not see other desktops go all the thanks to the proper and hit that sign you will see a brand new desktop space comes up. Once you have got multiple desktop spaces you can click and drag any of your applications or open windows into whatever space you desire. It’s like having a bunch of monitors plugged in and you’ll be able to just choose which one you would like to travel to you’ll be able to put each application in its own space if you wish to you’ll be able to rearrange your spaces and you can also swipe to the subsequent space when you’re in your standard desktop just with swiping with four fingers may be a genius an awesome thanks to organize a cluttered workspace

FEATURE: The secret hidden feature that will change your life

My favorite feature of all time on the mac I tell everybody about this and so far. Everyone has loved it sometimes people have trouble deciding a way to Click and drag on a mac trackpad well. There are a pair of various ways to try and do that on this multi-touch touchpad but the most effective way is truly hidden. The system preferences I am visiting show you now a way to turn it on and I am talking about the three-finger drag open up system preferences and truly.

Before you go further move and click on the trackpad and turn on the faucet to click that just makes life is most simpler okay back out of that and head to accessibility on the left scroll down until you see pointer control and click on that. Click trackpad options under there you will see a check box for enable dragging certify and hit the dropdown beside it and choose three fingers to drag click ok. You’ll be able to click out of system preferences and now try dragging something just by resting not clicking resting three fingers on the trackpad . On a window and move it around you can use this feature to maneuver windows. You can drag and drop files from other places. It’s so much easier than clicking and trying to carry it when you’re clicking it will revolutionize your workflow and I hope it changes your life because it has changed mine obviously, that sounds a bit dramatic but it does so I hope these three tips especially that last tip will revolutionize how you use your mac and speed up your workflow.

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