How to use your new MacBook: MacOS tips

 Some of the basics and the most common things that you guys need to know as well as a few keyboard shortcuts to help you with your experience so if you want to see that then keep reading.

How to use your new MacBook? The first thing is and ever you’re setting up your MacBook you will have to sign and use an Apple ID if you have an iPhone and you can use that same one if you want everything to be connected you’ve never used Apple before you can quickly make one up using your email and create a password so after that you will be prompted for some other things like Wi-Fi but your country and some other just quick information and then you will be logged into your MacBook so the first thing I want to go through is the Apple symbol in the top left corner of your MacBook so if you click the Apple. Then click on this map this is where you can find all the information about your model and the configurations you got so on mine. I can see that I have a 13-inch 2020 and the one with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports you can see info about the processor the memory the graphics and your serial number. Here all that information is going to be you can also this is where you’ll do software updates so every couple of weeks couple of months that there may be new update so you can do that a through here if you click on storage this is where you can see all of the storage on your MacBook. The things that are taking up the most amount of storage and if you click manage then that’s where you can go through and delete any files if you’re running low on storage got 512 gigabytes of storage and the base model for the 2020 MacBook Air and pro is 256. For most people, 256 should be good but if you want to have that extra bit of comfort to know that you’re not going to run out I would say go with 512 so here you can see all of your storage, and then if you click manage you can go through and see any areas that you might want to clear up I can also see here that the system itself for me takes up11.1 1250 bytes. Keep in mind that however much you get it’s going to be a little bit less just because the actual Mac OS system takes up a little bit of storage if you click on the support you can also access the manual and get other help if you need assistance doing. Anything on your MacBook and then service is where you will see if you got Apple care I did not get AppleCare but if you had that’s where you can access that so going back to the Apple system preferences will take you to your settings you can also access the settings on the dock and we’ll talk about the dock a little bit. Later you can also click on the Apple to access the App Store and then this is where you will be able to put your computer to sleep shut it down and restart it lock your screen or log out so that’s all found under that Apple symbol in the top left corner okay so next let’s talk about finder so find her is where you can find everything on your MacBook. and the default whenever you set your mouth book up if you look on your dock it’s that symbol on the far left it kind of like a blue and white smiley face and so if you click on here this is where you can see all of your applications your documents your downloads all that stuff is going to bein finder you can organize them into folders and all of that stuff there also a section for airdrop if you want to send files and so finder is where you can find everything there’s a search bar for you to search documents. if it’s your resume or whatever it may be finder is that key place for all the things on your MacBook ok so next is the launchpad so if you look on your dock it’s a symbol that’s kind of like a rocket and that’s going to be your launch pad this is all of your applications you can see the app store your message maps anything that you downloaded like Final Cut Pro iMovie all that stuff is going to be in your Launchpad and this is just an overview of all the applications on your laptop.

You can edit and modify the order to remove it and do all that to your next launch pad so that the booth is on your main desktop screen whenever you log into your MacBook at the bottom of your screen and all the main apps you use are all. day etc automatically will have things like Apple iTunes podcast calendar notes and standard apps out. You can customize and rearrange them into whatever you like for me I usually have my Gmail app because I use that day with my photoshop and My Lightroom Normally I’ll have a Final Cut Pro there but I do something about it so this booth is all the ones you use most when you hold them down you can drag them wherever you want and you can right-click the option and you can remove it. Just have different options for that if you want to change your dog so if you guys watch my booth disappear and then when I move my mouse the bottom of the screen appears so when you enter your system preferences or settings you will see here there is a dock section and where you can mess with them all the different things you can change the size if you want at the bottom of the screen. Left or right and you can also if you go to effectc minimize Windows using my thigh haveon is a genie result so whenever I do not use my dock or move mymouse over it the dock disappears and whenever I need to pull something just lower it my mouse down and you will see it go up and up and you can change that and then you eat everything up to the ports your booth is very important because it is a quick way to access the things you use every day so you want to have your usual apps and all those things down or where to put your dog and let me show you some of these settings to make your dog apply rger you can make it very small I have mine exactly in the middle and grow you can change that you can put it left on the right side so you can put it wherever you like Usually keep it bonden because it is the most comfortable right so next is the trackpad basically your mouse so when you go into settings you will see the trackpad section and here’s where you can adjust what your trackpad is doing and some different touches you can use to get the first thing I do. whenever I get a new MacBook as I go into the point-and-click section and under click click I look at what it means to click on my trackpad I can just tap it with my finger and that will click whatever I try to click. and check the box with a second click and select wherever you want that. For me, My second click is in the lower right corner usually in the standard mouse left side where you click click on something and on the right side to pull options like copy paste and all those things.

Hence, I have that set and whenever I click in the lower right corner of my trackpad it will just drag to the top of that additional menu. You can just check it out and adjust their different settings so that the standard ones you have you will see that to zoom the image out you just press your trackpad than a few other touches. Still, I usually use zoom guy google Doc as long as I squeeze my screen you can zoom in and out you can also undo the regular one when you move in settings to get more touches or different things to switch between apps so that when I open two different apps when I have three fingers. on my trackpad and swipe it will slide over two different apps so let me draw a different app and show you guys that it is ok you should make the apps bigger but here you can see me in Lightroom and take three fingers and swipe a little more and bring me back in Photoshop so that is the most common thing I use you can play with these settings and choose whatever you like right so here are the keyboard shortcuts we will save you. Sometimes when you select the C command Chi coffee saw you think you are commanding C to copy and then command V past the command Zis undo -up another in Google Chrome command will close that window if you want to capture its shift command and you can select the location you want to capture if you want to take a full screenshot of the command you enter command 3 when editing Movie or Final Cut Pro and want to cut or trim a clip you just did commando and if you have used the app it would usually be Final Cut Prior something like that’s just not responding it is frozen that’s not work if you do option command escape you will be able to force quit any apps that do not work so those are the most common most I use when if you need to see if there are any other keyboard shortcuts you can just log in to google. Mac keyboard shortcuts as well.

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